For nearly two decades, Shinobi Cyber technology has been used in Japan by customers such as Hiroshima Prefecture, Nippon Expressway Company and the Japanese Military Academy.  As the market leader in cybersecurity in Japan,  we have a long and proven track record of protecting mission critical systems from attack as well as preventing regulated data from being lost or stolen.  

Customer Spotlight: Ichihara City Government

Facing Tokyo Bay, Ichihara City is the largest city in Chiba Prefecture with a population of 280,000 and the second largest (in revenue) industrial area in Japan.  Ichihara City is a major manufacturing and shipping center as well as home to the most golf courses of any Japanese city, and the Japan League soccer team JEF United. Each of the 2000 PCs used by the city government staff are protected by Evolution DLP.

Deployment Scope: 2,000 PC’s

Ichihara City decided to employ strong security in its network system when the new Japanese social security system was enacted. In addition, a controversial data leakage incident was reported in news that prompted them to take immediate action. Ichihara City decided to implement Evolution DLP as a solid system which encrypts files, so the files can’t be unintentionally read outside their network.


  1. thin client environment,
  2. invisible to users,
  3. easy to deploy and doesn’t affect existing systems,
  4. meets new social security data standard,
  5. works with Office and SharePoint,
  6. full traceability and forensics,
  7. works with Active Directory security,
  8. minimal resource usage (doesn’t encrypt all files at rest)


With the enactment of a new Japanese social security system and additional data regulations, Ichihara City decided to upgrade the strength of their security solution. The reports of several controversial data leakage incidents in the news only increased their resolve to take action and implement Shinobi Evolution DLP™, a system that automatically encrypts files that unintentionally leave the network.


During the evaluation phase, Ichihara City confirmed that Evolution DLP invisibly protected all of their various file types, from the main network systems, to SharePoint and the documentation management system, all without additional settings to the existing systems. Within the network, or “Trusted Zone”, the files remain in cleartext, leaving existing workflows and system functions, such as previewing and full-text searching data on browsers, gathering CSV data, and other daily use cases from both users and administrators, unaffected.

From the IT Administrator point of view, the Shinobi deployment was easy and straight-forward, with no interruptions to the end-user workflow between the time of installation and configuration to the time when employees began to use Shinobi. The Forensic logs provided detailed evidence and history of all user operations, both good and bad. The full deployment, from evaluation to production, was one month.


For end users the daily workflow has changed slightly in order to enable a higher level of security, and this was broadly seen as help in protecting them from making mistakes and putting the company at risk. This workflow requires data to go through a Release Folder before it can be removed from the office, a procedure that helps employees recognize and appreciate what it means to take confidential data outside of the workplace. Employees who have sent email attachments to incorrect email addresses in the past can now feel secure, knowing that Shinobi will protect them from such mistakes.

“Just as the new social security system and regulations were about to be implemented throughout Japan, there was also a major cyberattack of the Japan Pension Service that leaked a shocking 1.25 million people’s personal information. We decided to take immediate action and looked at several proposals, and decided that the Shinobi Cyber technology was the best solution for us.”

Mr. Takahiro Kiuchi, Manager, IT Promotion Information Management Division

4000 PCs Protected

Yahoo! Japan is the most visited website in Japan and survived the recent Yahoo user data hack.

“At Yahoo! JAPAN, more than 19 million users log in each month and we are very focused on managing personal information securely. With Shinobi, we continually monitor non-whitelist access to our network and databases, and we also watch the activity logs on our client PCs.”

Katsuhiko Yasuo, Chief Manager, Information Security Department

30000 PCs Protected

Kansai Electric powers Japan’s 2nd largest industrial region of 23 million people and relied on Shinobi to prevent attacks.

“At Kansai Electric we have 30,000 employees and contractors using computers within the company which puts a strain on security. In order to prevent data loss from human error, we use Shinobi to automatically encrypt electronic files handled by employees on a daily basis without relying on user intervention.” 

Mr. Koji Fujita, Manager, System Audit Group, Office of IT Strategy

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