Transparent Defense FromZero Day Attacks & Data Loss

Prevent leaked or stolen data from being read and block 100% of known and unknown cyberattacks from running. Invisible, automatic, failsafe. Shinobi.

Shinobi Defense System

Shinobi Defense System is a unique integrated portfolio of proven technology which invisibly protects against the top 3 hardest and most prevalent problems driving losses: Zero Day attacks, malicious insiders, and user error.  We have combined two cutting edge cybersecurity solutions into one integrated system that is powered by our patented interception and decision making engine.  Our goal is to provide a security first model to customers that enables bulletproof security while maintaining user productivity.  Shinobi Rule of Thumb: if it’s not in, it’s out.

Invisibly protects against data loss from intentional theft and end user mistakes.

Evolution DLP is a powerful and flexible yet invisible technology that runs on all end points to seamlessly protect against theft and unintentional data loss. Evolution DLP is centrally managed to seamlessly remove the opportunity for users to make errors and accidentally lose data and enable high data security with high business productivity.

SANS Institute reports that 48% of data loss comes from user error, but even when users accidentally copy or lose files (or even their laptop) Evolution DLP automatically blocks or encrypts all data leaving your defined Trusted Zone in any way.  Granular usage rights can be automatically controlled on a user, file, machine, domain level.

Automatically protects against Zero Day attacks and unknown activity on your endpoints.

It is no secret that traditional anti-malware software can no longer keep up with the exponentially growing and overwhelming threat landscape.

Shinobi DeepWhite uses next generation whitelist technology to defend from any and all new and unknown threats.  Unlike behavioral analysis or sandboxing, DeepWhite works at the API and system process level to enable a positive control model that only allows authorized activity on a PC or network.

Other whitelist products only track applications or easily get out of sync with what is actually running on an endpoint. Shinobi uses proprietary cloud based hardware and software to fully test and release updated whitelists within 24 hours of a new release of a major application or OS release or patch.

Intercepts and analyzes every action and drives Shinobi decision making.

Shinobi AI is the core engine that powers our defense system using patented technology from our sister company in Japan. Shinobi AI continuously monitors all user, system and application commands and validates them against our comprehensive whitelist that includes 300,000+ API call combinations and data usage policies. All actions are recorded and compressed for forensic analysis and reporting.

You cannot know every piece of malware out there or every bad action an employees might take, but with Shinobi AI you can take positive control of your environment and known good actions on all of your endpoints.

Records, compresses and encrypts comprehensive activity for analysis, threat research and reporting.

Shinobi Forensics records all activity and data usage including who is accessing data, where the actions originate from, what files or data are being accessed, where they are being moved to, and what actions are being taken. These forensic logs are indispensable in tuning your security policies and whitelist as well as any incident response analysis.

Shinobi Forensics also uses a proprietary search and filtering engine that allows us to capture and compress comprehensive and detailed log events so that admins can see exactly what is going on and identify unexpected behavior as well as collect hard evidence of unauthorized actions.

The Threat is Growing Every Day.


is the average annual cost of a cyberattack in the US

1 in 50

employees is a malicious insider

every 4 seconds

an employee downloads new unknown malware


of data loss incidents come from user error

Shinobi: Trusted, Proven, Integrated

The Shinobi Defense System provides IT and Security Administrators with a single integrated easy to deploy solution that runs on premise and in the cloud.

Over the past 15 years, Shinobi’s patented technology has protected 1 million + PC’s at over 900 customers in Japan including local & central government offices, major banks, internet companies and national utilities.  Always at the forefront of security technology, we have had full cloud support and Active Directory integration for over a decade, and Shinobi is the first Japanese security technology to receive international ISO/IEC 15408 EAL Level 3 certifications for both Evolution DLP and DeepWhite. 

“As we bring our proven technology to the US market in 2017, we are focused on helping businesses and government institutions optimize their secure productivity by invisibly protecting them against today’s toughest cyber threats.”

Bill Cornell

VP of Products, Shinobi Cyber

Pre-Release Trials of Shinobi Defense System

We are currently offering a pre-release of Shinobi for select customers prior to our US launch in 2017. Contact us to see if you are a match!